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Many people ask us 'Why did you do this?' and we simply reply 'Because cats deserve it'. We are self confessed crazy cat people...and proud of it!



We love cats and did a lot of research into behaviour while designing the Cat Suites. They're not only luxurious, they've been designed to help your cat settle in quickly and feel safe and secure.


Tours are welcome anytime (no need to call ahead).





What People Say

Hi all

It is always a pleasure to drop Jessie our cat off at the vet lounge as Jessie our burmese  is starting to learn she is really a “cat” ! Horror!  And the whole team have the patience with me to introduce the crew that is currently boarding there. I especially love the fact that through the experience of the team they realised with jessie first up that the grab and bite on the ankles when they left the room only meant please pat me more and not that she is a complete feral cat. Mind you she has most of our family scared of her through this and other antics that only burmese owners would understand. 

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