Dog boarding

The Vet Lounge and The Boarding Lounge is pleased to anounce that we are now offering luxury dog boarding at our newly built doggery in Coomera on the Gold Coast. 


After running our successful luxury cattery for over 6 years we are excited that we can now look after both your dog and your cat.


As with our cattery's at Coomera and Currumbin our doggery will be staff by quified veterinary staff with a Veterinarian on site 6 days a week and on call 24 hours a day.


The Boarding Lounge dog boarding kennels are unlike any kennels on the Gold Coast. Come for a visit today and see the difference today.


If you want more information about The Boarding Lounge luxury pet boaridng for dogs and cats go over to our new website and find out more.

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What People Say

Hi all

It is always a pleasure to drop Jessie our cat off at the vet lounge as Jessie our burmese  is starting to learn she is really a “cat” ! Horror!  And the whole team have the patience with me to introduce the crew that is currently boarding there. I especially love the fact that through the experience of the team they realised with jessie first up that the grab and bite on the ankles when they left the room only meant please pat me more and not that she is a complete feral cat. Mind you she has most of our family scared of her through this and other antics that only burmese owners would understand. 

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